Aaruthal Group Profile

Traditional Artisans Welfare Society

  • Baseline Survey, Project Monitoring, Impact Study & Supporting Traditional Artisans cluster Schemes in various aspects

Tamil Aayyakkalaigal 64 Art Foundation

  • Preserving & Promoting ancient Tamil literacy, Art & culture.

  • Value added Education ,Teaching & Practicing of Tamil Aayyakkalaigal 64 arts in the form of Gurukulam System.

Maya Women Power

  • To Socially, Politically & Economically Empower Women (Socially,Economically Empower, well being & Happiness of Women )through the key areas of
    1. Access to Education,
    2. Employment Opportunities,
    3. Reproductive Health & Rights,
    4. Maternal Health,
    5. Gender-based Violence,
    6. Child Marriage,
    7. Female Genital Mutilation,
    8. Water & Sanitation,
    9. Gender Equality

Health & Happiness Centre

We serve society by strengthening the individual & the Nature through

  • Inner Hormonal Balancing through Happiness Course

  • Organizing Wellness Programs for Rejuvenating Body

  • Promoting Natural /Traditional/Organic Food Habits

  • Initiating Local Happiness Festivals to bind family, relatives, community & Friends for Social Happiness

  • Forming Happiness clubs to achieve the goals of Happiness mission. (in Schools/ Colleges/Communities / companies/ corporate)

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